Wednesday, 12 June 2013

How NEM important or not to you?

How NEM important or not to you?

The Government has just launched the New Economic Model or NEM, in March 2010 with the objective of achieving high income by 2020, given that Malaysia has been straddling in low middle income group a little too long. NEM is predicated upon three thrusts namely high income, sustainability and inclusiveness to develop a New Economic Model that will speed Malaysia's transition to a high income country. The ways to increase the income and productivity of workers by encouraging knowledge industries and increasing investment from overseas. The (NEM), Malaysia's New Economic Model proposes a number of strategic reforms. Prime Minister Najib has announced the broad outline of the proposed New Economic Model (NEM) at the Invest Malaysia conference. The objective of the NEM is for Malaysia to join the ranks of the high-income economies, but not at all costs. The growth process needs to be both inclusive and sustainable. Inclusive growth enables the benefits to be broadly shared across all communities. Sustainable growth augments the wealth of current generations in a way that does not come at the expense of future generations. A number of strategic reform initiatives have been proposed. These are aimed at greater private initiative, better skills, more competition, a leaner public sector, pro-growth affirmative action, a better knowledge base and infrastructure, the selective promotion of sectors, and environmental as well as fiscal sustainability. The next step of the process will be a public consultation to gather feedback on the key principles and afterwards the key recommendations will be translated into actionable policies. The NEM represents a shift of emphasis to refocusing from quantity to quality-driven growth. Mere accumulation of capital and labour quantities is insufficient for sustained long-term growth. To boost productivity, Malaysia needs to refocus on quality investment in physical and human capital. Relying more on private sector initiative, this involves rolling back the government’s presence in some areas, promoting competition and exposing all commercial activities (including that of GLCs) to the same rules of the game. The NEM will shift the approach from ethnicity to focus on the low income households and small businesses. Thus, the NEM focuses on an ‘inclusive growth irrespective of race’ model, as well as the impact of both liberalization and globalization on the economy .Moving forward, Malaysia’s strategic location, coupled with its well-developed infrastructure can serve to attract additional investment and fuel trade growth. The NEM is also very much focused on benefiting the citizen. A key challenge of inclusive growth is the design of effective measures that strike a balance between the special position of bumiputera and legitimate interests of different groups. Hence, the market-friendly affirmative action programmes in line with the principle of inclusiveness will target the assistance to the bottom of households of which is bumiputera and many are located in Sabah and Sarawak. Ensure equitable and fair opportunities through transparent processes. Allow access to resources on the basis of needs and merit to enable improvement in capacity, incomes and well-being. Have sound institutional framework for better monitoring and effective implementation. Therefore, the NEM’s focal point is to strengthen the capability so that they can take advantage of opportunities to secure better jobs, raise their productivity and grow their income. This group will also be assisted with programmes to build skills so that they can use their entrepreneurial instincts to start up and grow their businesses. Additionally, the benefits of these improvements will be accessible to all communities and income groups. Benefits to the citizen that is living and working in safe surroundings. Individuals will live, work, study and play in localities free from the fear of crime, the indignity of discrimination and the anxiety of need. Equal and easy access to information when use technology. Families will be endowed with the opportunity and capability to pursue their aspirations in connected, sophisticated, modern cities, townships and villages. All communities will be able to contribute to and share in the wealth of the country. Every individual counts. The affirmative action approach will shift from ethnicity to low income households and individuals on the basis of needs and merit. Mutual respect and dignity accorded. The poor will not be forgotten. Every part of the nation matters. Regional and sub-regional development will be given more emphasis, especially in Sabah and Sarawak, to reduce regional disparities. Everyone will be consulted and their voices heard. The NEM is approach to economic development as opposed to the old approach. The foundations have been laid. Thus, with prompt reform measures, the NEM will further spurn the growth potential for industries such as those in the Electrical & Electronics (E&E) sector, palm oil and downstream agricultural outputs, tourism, education, medical tourism, Islamic finance, pharmaceutical applications, petrochemical and the renewable energy industry due to Malaysia’s rich biodiversity and expertise within most of these industries

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